A la carte services are provided at a simple, straight-forward and transparent fee-for-service arrangement.  Again, this level of care is intended for very occasional users who are presumed to be under the care of another PCP for all their on-going medical needs, including well child care, follow-ups, and management of chronic conditions.

    A la carte home visits are intended for the evaluation and treatment of an acute care need (not for a chronic issue).  Dr. Stef on Call can help if you get “caught in a bind” with a sick child, or may help “fill in a gap” if your family is “between” insurance coverage, and is perfect for friends or family who are visiting from out of town and have a child with an urgent care need. You never know when your child may get sick or injured and need medical attention.... Any time you can’t get in to see your pediatrician, and you want to avoid the urgent care clinic, you can call Dr. Stef.  If I'm available, I'll be happy to help.

Fees for A la Carte services are as follows:

Phone call consult for medical advice:

  • a phone consult is for when you are seeking medical advice for something that can be handled over the phone and does not need to be evaluated in person, at least not immediately. Whether it's because the issue seems rather minor and not worth a doctor visit, or whether it's because you're traveling/out of town, or for whatever reason if a doctor visit or home visit is not an option, a phone consult may come in handy. A phone consult could save you an unnecessary trip to an urgent care or ER....
  • a phone consult may be for an acute problem or for a chronic problem
  • fees for phone consults (applies to non-members only) are:
    • regular hours: $50
    • after-hours & holidays:  $75
    • phone consults typically take no more than 10-15 minutes
    • if prescription treatment is appropriate, prescriptions may be called in over the phone for no additional fee
    • phone consults for chronic problems may take longer and will be billed an extra $25 for every 10" increment beyond the initial 15"
  • if a phone call results in a home visit within 24 hours, the fee for the phone consult will be waived (or applied to the fee for the home visit)

HOME VISIT: new reduced rates, effective August 21st, 2017, based on geographic location:

  • $100 for all of 75214, all of 75206, the Hollywood Heights/ Santa Monica neighborhood, and 75218 south of Peavy (which includes Forest Hills, Little Forest Hills, Highland on the Creek, The Enclave at White Rock, Lake Park Estates, The Peninsula and Casa Linda Estates)
  • $125 for 75218 north of Peavy, 75238 south of 635, 75226 north of I-30 and 75, and all of 75231 + 75225 + 75205 + 75204 + 75246 + 75228
  • $150 for house calls to all other areas of Dallas, as well as Richardson, Garland, Mesquite  and Oak Cliff
  • NOTE: rates double for after-hour home visits

Following a home visit you will receive a visit summary that

clearly explains your child's diagnosis, the treatment plan and

the expected course as well as any follow up recommendations.

What you won't receive is a confusing explanation of benefits

from your insurance carrier or a bill in the mail weeks/ months

later with unexplained charges. Instead, within 24 hours you will

receive a receipt of payment statement from Dr. Stef On Call

documenting all the necessary medical diagnostic codes,

procedure codes and billing codes, which you can use to file

an insurance claim or to support an HSA claim. (More info about insurance claims and HSAs under FAQs). As listed on this page, all charges and fees are transparent, and any questions or concerns regarding your bill can be handled directly by Dr. Stef - no separate billing department, no 1-800-thanks-but-no-thanks #....

Free access (phone call, text or email) for any follow-up concerns regarding the same acute care need (in the same child) is granted for 48 hours after the initial visit.

Additional fees* apply for:

  • Testing
    • Rapid Strep Test  $25
    • Rapid Flu Test   $25
    • Urinalysis   $10
    • Glucose test   $ 10
    • Hemoglobin / Hematocrit    $25
    • Bilirubin**  $25
    • Cultures**: throat culture, wound culture, urine culture, stool culture, fungal culture  $25



  • Administration of breathing treatment (nebulizer treatment)  $25
  • Other medication administration (only if prescription; no charge for OTC meds)
  •  Wound irrigation and repair - with skin adhesive  $50
    • will refer to urgent care or ER if stitches and/or sedation needed

This list is not an exhaustive list of all possible services that may be rendered but rather is intended to provide more of the common tests and services that may be rendered during a home visit and their associated fees.


** Indicates tests that will be obtained by Dr. Stef, but will be delivered to lab for processing.  Client will be responsible for any additional laboratory processing fees (though this can be billed directly to insurance). 

A la Carte Services

*Remember, these fees only apply to non-members. 

  Patients enrolled under Comprehensive Care are never charged for phone calls, testing, breathing treatments or other services.