Personally...  (continued)

    I love pets and animals.  I founded and ran the Lakewood Pet Watch when I first moved into the neighborhood, but that dissolved around 2009, once email became obsolete and such communications were better done by Face Book and Twitter - social apps that I have yet to partake in.  None the less, I’ll be the first to jump out of my car and try to rescue a lost dog, a stray cat, or a wondering turtle in the street.  
    I love the outdoors and love being so close to White Rock Lake.  We try to take advantage of the many outdoor activities it has to offer.   I used to be fairly athletic, but now, other than an occasional friendly game of tennis, I’ve pretty much given up on all other competitive sports for myself, and am leaving that to my daughter. One of my favorite past-times is watching her acquire new skills and cheering her on as she tries out all kinds of new sports.  I still stay active and exercise regularly, whether it’s going for a run, a bike ride, a barre class, or creating my own work out in the gym.  

    Though I would not consider myself a "green thumb", I do enjoy working out in the yard and gardening, especially on beautiful spring days.  And sometimes that alone is my workout for the day.
    My favorite vacations involve either a beach destination or a mountain/ski destination.  We try to fit in at least one of each every year.  Our daughter is becoming quite the skier, and in due time we anticipate that she will join us underwater for some SCUBA diving adventures as well.