< 2yo: additional $50/ month/ child

> 2yo and < 4yo: additional $25/ month/ child

> 4yo and < 6yo: additional $20/ month/ child

> 6yo: additional $15/ month/ child

Comprehensive Care

$100/ month if youngest child is < 2yo
$75/ month if youngest child is > 2yo and < 4yo
$60/ month if youngest child is > 4yo and < 6yo

$50/ month if youngest child is > 6yo

     For a low monthly membership fee, Dr. Stef will be your family's personal pediatrician. She will be dedicated to the health and well-being of your child/ children in a wholistic manner and committed to building a personal and long-term doctor-patient relationship with your family. Dr. Stef will provide comprehensive well-child care, attend to urgent care needs,  help manage chronic conditions, and guide you through the many challenges of parenthood. You will have unlimited access to Dr. Stef via text, email or phone call anytime you have a question, concern, or are just in need of a little support.
    Prior to enrolling in a membership, a “get acquainted” phone call will be arranged (at no charge) to help Dr. Stef get to know you and your family, to answer any of your questions about the services provided by Dr. Stef On Call, PLLC, and to be sure that these services and her care approach will fit your needs and expectations. 

    After getting acquainted over the phone, an initial visit will be arranged to establish care and complete the enrollment process.  This initial visit is the first step in building the doctor-patient relationship.  It is intended for all children in the family who wish to be enrolled in the care plan and will include a comprehensive history and physical exam for each one.  Fees for this initial visit are: $250 for the first child, and $100 for each additional child and include the first monthly subscription fee.  Once “established”, Dr. Stef will have a better understanding of you and your family including complete knowledge of your child’s medical history, equipping her with the necessary background information to take care of your child’s future needs, meet your expectations, and provide more personalized care.

Monthly subscription fees for Comprehensive Care are based on the age of your youngest child, and then determined by the number of children in all and their respective ages. Monthly fees include routine well check ups at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 2 years, 2.5 years, 3 years, 3.5 years, 4 years & annually thereafter.

First determine "base rate":


Then take into account additional children: