Not a member, but have questions?  May be interested in a la carte services?  Send Dr. Stef an email with your questions - though, avoid sending too much detailed, personal or sensitive information please, as this is not a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-approved email address.  If your child is acutely ill and needs to be seen asap, give Dr. Stef a call (phone # automatically provided after you send an email).  There is no charge for phone calls that lead to a house visit and Dr. Stef can usually be there within a couple hours (or less!).

     Alternatively, if you're just interested in discussing a non-urgent medical, health or behavioral concern, you can expect to receive a response to your email within 24 hours and we can set up a convenient time to discuss your concern(s).

     In either case, before any medical advice or treatment is provided, you will need to complete the HIPAAform, which you can download and complete here. Also be sure to review the prices listed under a la carte services, as these fees will apply, and payment will be requested at the time of service.

    Lastly, please be aware that there is no guarantee of availability for a la carte services and Dr. Stef is not under any contractual obligation to provide such services. Although generally happy to help, services may be declined at any time for any reason (for example, an after-hours request for a house call for an unknown patient to an unfamiliar address is likely to be denied, or anytime there is a safety concern).  None the less, you're always welcome to reach out and see if / how I may be able to assist you.