There are 2 main options available to receive services:

A la Carte Services: no commitment, no monthly membership fees, just call or text when I may be of service to you

  • a simple fee-for-service arrangement with transparent pricing
  • intended for very occasional users with acute concerns
  • a much better option than going to an urgent care walk-in clinic
    • more convenient
    • less expensive
    • more qualified: a board-certified pediatrician caring for your child
    • more dedicated: doctor easily accessible by phone, text or email even after your visit should any further concerns arise
  • presumes patient is under the care of another PCP for all well child care, routine follow ups, and management of chronic conditions
  • a la carte services are subject to availability

Membership for Comprehensive Care: for a low monthly subscription fee, Dr. Stef On Call can be your family's personal pediatrician and will provide comprehensive well child care, urgent care for acute illnesses and injuries, and management of chronic medical conditions. With comprehensive care, there is no need for any other PCP. Dr. Stef will be committed to caring for all your pediatric needs and will be invested in building a long-lasting doctor-patient relationship with your family.  The monthly subscription fee includes:

  • direct & unlimited access to Dr. Stef: email, text or call, any time you have a question, big or small!
  • significantly reduced rates on home visits
  • never any extra charges for testing, extended visits or additional services
    • Strep tests, flu tests, urine tests, glucose test - any on-site testing is included in the flat-rate home visit fee
  • free follow up visits for routine monitoring of chronic conditions
  • free follow up visits as needed to recheck after an acute illness or injury
  • free check ups: no house visit fee for all routinely recommended well check ups
  • personal referrals and coordination of care between specialists if needed
  • prescription medications still covered by your insurance as per your individual policy's prescription benefits plan
  • laboratory tests and radiologic procedures still covered by your insurance as per your individual policy
  • 24/7 access to a board-certified pediatrician: subscribing members will be notified in advance if Dr. Stef will be unavailable for any length of time and a qualified back-up provider will be made available

Alternatively, services may be focused on specific conditions.         For example, individual programs available for:

  • Bedwetting: typically a 3-4 month program to end bedwetting.  Appropriate for children > 6yo who are concerned about their bedwetting and want to stop but don't know how, and parents who are motivated to help.
  • Healthy Habits: a 3 month program, custom tailored, to help families, children or teens improve their eating habits, make healthier choices, and increase activitylevel to get more healthy and fit.
  • ADHD/ ADD: evaluation and on-going management.

                                                  "Preferred Hours" are:


All other times, and the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day- are considered "after hours".  Although members are never charged for phone calls, it is kindly requested that they limit after-hour calls to urgent matters only.   Availability for home visits is more limited after-hours.

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